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Louise Vestergaard Skøtt Poulsen and Jens Dlugosch Sonne

Authenticity and New Trends in Markets in Aarhus, Paris and London

Most people connect bazaars and markets with experiences that are a bit out of the ordinary; a place with a diversity of people and a variety of exotic or everyday products. But markets can also be seen as a way to enhance integration, pro-mote economic growth and develop the surrounding neighbourhood.

Irina Watts and Costina Mihaela Knudsen

Multiculturalism, Integration and Ba-zaars

This article seeks to understand the connection between bazaars and multiculturalism, and to investigate the influence of bazaars on urban experience.

Troels Jeppesen

The Creative Class Struggles

According to the American economist Richard Florida, the future economic success of cities depends on a new social class, the Creative Class. Based on fieldwork in five European cities it is demonstrated that Florida's theory of growth and the vital foundation for it, namely the Creative Class, are somewhat dubious constructs.

Sven Erik Larsen

The City as a Postmodern Metaphor

The city may be involved in metaphorical strategies in two positions, either - as in William Mitchell's netbased city - as the known category with which we reach out to the partly un-known phenomenon. Or - as in Honoré de Balzac's placebound city - as the partly unknown phenomenon we try to subsume under known categories.

Peter Bugge

Dekadence og mystifikation i tjekkisk fin de-siècle-kultur

Gennem et portræt af digteren Arthur Breisky skildres nogle særtræk ved den tjekkiske dekadence i den national-kulturelle kontekst.

Arthur Breisky


My lonely anguish melts no heart but mine Gray's sonnet. Novelle af Arthur Breisky.

Jan Ifversen

Europas grænser

Den netop overståede udvidelse af EU og den aktuelle diskussion af Tyrkiets mulige optagelse har for alvor sat fokus på spørgsmålet om Europas grænser. Trods forskellige politiske dagsordnervil diskussionen om grænser i sidste ende afhænge af, hvad vi forstår ved Europa.
Især er det afgørende, om vi omtaler Europa i kulturelle, i civilisatoriske eller i politiske termer.

Sinan Erensü & Ya?ar A. Adanali

Turkey in the Eye of the Beholder: Tracking Perceptions on Turkey through Political Cartoons

In Western political cartoons Turks are essentialized as anonymous, hairy, greedy, corrupt, and religiously fundamentalist Orientals.